Is your Hospital open on weekends?
The CCSPCA Small Animal Hospital is open for our low-cost vaccination clinic every non-holiday Saturday from 9am to 12 noon with no appointment needed.  The Hospital is closed on Sundays.

What Services does your hospital provide?
The CCSPCA Small Animal Hospital is a fully staffed and equipped animal hospital that operates under the umbrella of the CCSPCA, but is independent in its funding and operation.  Our hospital provides all of the services that other veterinary hospitals provide. Please visit the CCSPCA Small Animal Hospital page to see the type of services we provide.

Why isn’t there someone here on weekends to spay/neuter my pet(s) or to certify that my pet(s) is spayed/neutered?
Spay and Neuter operations and certifications require trained staff that are not available on the weekends.

How much does it cost for boosters?  Rabies shots?
Please contact the Hospital for current vaccine rates. You can save money by visiting our Hospital’s Vaccine Clinic on any non-holiday Saturday from 9am to 12 noon.

Why isn’t the low cost rabies clinic open longer?
It takes a certain amount of staff to properly run a low-cost clinic and it would increase costs to add hours to the clinic.

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