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Homes for Horses Still Needed! Meet Jason

Posted on: June 6th, 2012 by CCSPCA

Many of you may have read the article in the Fresno Bee on Sunday about yet another horse neglect investigation. We have 5 of the horses we were able to rescue from that situation and they need your help! We still need to build more stalls and of course we need hay! We have tremendous appreciation for the wonderful donors that have come to support us with the rehabilitation of all of our horses so far. Thank you! The other area we really need help in is in finding homes for those horses now available for adoption. This helps in so many ways: it sends horses to loving homes, opens space for those needing rehabilitation, increases individual care time, keeps our Officers and staff going with hope and gives us more happy beginnings to share with you. Please share our individual spot lights of each of our special horses…meet Jason

Jason (ID#300146) is approximately 4 years old and is nice young man. He is a member of what we commonly refer to as the “Ex-Stud Club” as he was gelded, along with several others, at the shelter on 2-24-12. He is very friendly and willing to please. As with all the horses from the Clovis investigation, he hadn’t had much previous handling. When he first arrived he didn’t tolerate much but as time has passed he’s become more socialized and looks forward to and seeks out attention. He has improved immensly since his arrival and is willing to try out new things. Jason will allow you to halter him but has not learned how to lead. He enjoys being brushed now. He appears to be the type to bond to a kind handler. He will need structured exercise to build up his muscles. But, with a gentle hand, he would probably respond well to being broken in to take a rider. He’s an “Easy does it” kind of guy. If you move slow and give him time to process what you are asking of him, he’s very willing to go along.

If you are interested in giving Jason (ID#300146) a chance to show you what a good horse he can be, please fill out the adoption questionaire and indicate that he’s the one for you. He’s willing to give it a try….are you?

Jason the horse


When love is not enough

Posted on: May 11th, 2012 by CCSPCA

Today we’d like to share with you a sad story about Emma. We hope this story can help other animals avoid neglect.

Every year our Humane Officers investigate hundreds of calls for animal cruelty and neglect. Most of the time all it takes is some simple educating of the owners, by the officers, to better the lives of the animals involved. Then there are those that know better and still choose to do the wrong thing. Whether it be out of financial hardship, reluctance to admit the truth to themselves, uncaring neglect, or flat out meanness.

Emma was brought in last December from the Clovis area along with 17 other horses. All were in very poor shape and had a multitude of problems, aside from being underfed, that needed to be addressed. Their feet were bad, several were starved while pregnant, cuts, scrapes, and lameness, amongst other issues. Most of the horses have sprung back from their individual issues and are returning to good health and finding new homes. Emma had not.

As Emma never received the proper care and handling that she should have from her owner, she was one of the more stand-offish and hard to handle horses in our care, which made her treatment sessions that much harder. She was the most picked-on by the other mares, probably because they sensed her un-soundness, and they didn’t allow her to even eat as much as she should have while she was with them. It was decided it would be in her best interest to separate her from the others to ensure she was getting proper nutrition along with treatment and one-on-one handling. Even though she started gaining much needed weight and settled down enough to allow some simple grooming and brushing by staff, she struggled during her much needed treatments. The added stress was not helping her situation.

As her condition worsened and her pain increased a decision had to be made. What is best for Emma? Really….what is best for her? Could she be adopted with this ailment? Could she even stand in a trailer long enough to get to a new home? Would the person that took her home truly understand all that she needs, and be willing to provide it? Would she ever completely recover? Or would she continue to live in pain throughout her life, however long that may be? The decision was heart wrenching and agonizing, but it was determined that it would be in Emma’s best interest to end her suffering.

The simple truth is animals die when they are not cared for properly. Bad situations don’t always end well. Animals don’t always survive, even after they are rescued from their persecutors. And love does not get them through blatant neglect.

If you choose to open your heart and home to a pet, then you also choose to provide for all of their needs. Make sure that you are making the right choice, not only for yourself, but for the pet that has only you to rely on for it’s care. Because, unfortunately, love is just not enough.

Horse Update – April 11

Posted on: April 12th, 2012 by CCSPCA

If you are interested please be sure to visit the horse adoption page here on our site. You are welcome to come in to the Animal Center to fill out an adoption questionnaire as well.

Next week we will share the individual stories of each horse currently in our care. For now we are anxiously awaiting Rosie’s new baby and will share the news as soon as it happens with photos too!

We are putting out the plea for donations of hay again. It is costing $2800 – $3000 a month to feed all of the horses here at the Animal Center. One delivery of hay (about 80 to 84 bales) is $1400. Please consider donating to the horses because some still have more recovery time with us before they can go into a new home.

We do have other ongoing investigations of horses and we need more corral fencing to build individual stalls for these horses.

Our staff is ever so grateful for the encouraging support for the horses and the smiles are wide from the community’s generosity!

Horse Update

Update on the Horses, March 15

Posted on: March 15th, 2012 by CCSPCA

We are extremely grateful to the community for its interest, outpouring of help and support for the horses. We will have regular updates such as this one as we move forward with their care and future.

Currently we need to have a portable x-ray machine brought out to check several of our horses like “Cricket” the palomino, “Angel” the bay horse, and a few others. This could cost several hundreds of dollars.

The x-rays will help determine the correct course of action for their individual needs.

For all of the horses we need much more alfalfa hay.

Please keep checking the blogs as we will post what’s next, what’s needed, who’s up for adoption, and who’s found a home! Again thank you to everyone who has contributed to their care and well being!!
Orpheus Horse Update
Cricket The Palomino

An Update on the Horses and the Arena

Posted on: January 11th, 2012 by CCSPCA

We are thrilled to have enough funding from our generous community to start the arena for the horses! With so many horses to care for daily, we will need ongoing donations, especially feed. We are in need of grass or grass/alfalfa blend hay. Alfalfa hay would also be much appreciated, but it must be “horse” hay, not “cow” or “dairy” hay. Hay for horses is much lower in protein than hay for cows. If in doubt of what to donate, please ask your local feed & tack store for advice. Thank you!

They are starting to whinny for breakfast!


Thank You to the Ted Martin Family Fund

Posted on: December 30th, 2011 by CCSPCA No Comments

Thank you to the Ted Martin Family Fund, the sun is shining brightly for the horses.
The Ted Martin Family Fund, within the Fresno Regional Foundation, has generously donated the cost of the Arena Fencing for the horses. Their donation of $8,572.00 will cover the cost of the Arena so that the other donations can be used for the portable corral panels, and items needed for the individual stalls.
Also, another generous anonymous donor has donated the $5518.00 to cover the 5 stall shedrow. This is wonderful news and we are ever so giddy and grateful. The Arena will take about 2 weeks to complete so watch for the update on the ground breaking ceremony!
CCSPCA Horse Update
Horses with Kyle

Starving Horses Update

Posted on: November 18th, 2011 by CCSPCA No Comments

Since they were first rescued and brought into the CCSPCA, the starving horses have gained 120 to 130 pounds each! We have received several more starving horses from other situations that we are now housing. We have raised $5,000 of our $11,000 goal to build a corral for their rehabilitation. The price of alfalfa has doubled since the horses first came in so we are spending more than we initially planned in caring for the horses we have. Since then, we have received more horses in need of rehabilitation. We need your help to make sure these horses are provided for and brought back to health. Every bit helps. Thank you!

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