Happy Stories

There’s always that one dog that seems to catch your eye. You just know that there is something extra special about them. There was a female adult lab that came in as a stray. I passed by her kennel and did a double take. “Look at that face!” I yelled, “She’s so adorable!” I said, pulling the staff members from their work to look at her. “Isn’t she so cute?” I went on, as she tried to focus her crossed eyes on me. She served her stray time and was placed in our East Kennels. I went inside her kennel to show her some love, and as she nearly licked me to death… a spark of determination lit a fire in my head. I was currently networking with Copper’s Dream, in the bay area. I figured, “What the heck! I’ll give it a try.” So I sent a picture of her and waited for what felt like an eternity…THEY SAID YES! THEY WOULD TAKE HER!!!¬†This is her after being transferred out to Copper’s Dream and right into one of their Adoption Events!