4 Dogs Seized on the Verge of Death

Humane Officer Gonzalez responded to a Fresno PD call regarding 2 emaciated pit bulls. Upon arrival the tenant was not at the property. The dogs were spotted in the back yard. One was completely down and feared dead, the other was still up on its feet, barely.

Humane Officer Gonzalez approached the 2 dogs; both looked like skeletons, and were severely dehydrated. When he reached for the white dog, the one they thought was deceased…she wagged her tail. She was alive, barely, but alive. Upon further inspection of the yard, Officer Gonzalez discovered 2 other dogs locked in a back patio area. One was a pit bull, also emaciated, and the other was a little white terrier mix.

Once Officer Gonzalez got the larger dogs loaded into the truck, he picked up the little dog, that’s when he noticed there was something not right with the little dogs jaw. It was off-set and left his tongue hanging out one side. After x-rays were taken, it was discovered that our little white dog had a non-union off-set fracture of the jaw bone.

When examined by specialists, it was determined that his jaw could be fixed by straightening it out and placing a metal plate in it to join the broken pieces. It is expected that once he recovers from this surgery, he’ll be able to live out a long and happy life. Surgery is scheduled for March 25, 2013.

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Steve Austin
Steve Austin Surgery
Steve Austin - Broken Jaw