Initial Condition of the 61 Seized Animals from a Squaw Valley Property & Their Beginning Treatments


The initial condition of the animals has been determined by our CCSPCA Veterinarian Staff. The animals remain in guarded condition while further testing and assessment are conducted.

This is an excerpt from our Veterinarian, “The dogs were all in various stages of emaciation with most being in the 1/5 to 1.5/5 body condition score with a 3 being a dog in normal flesh. There were two Border Collie mixes that were apparently being kept together that were in a bit better flesh.”

The caring CCSPCA staff has started treatments with basic sustainable needs, such as bathing. Due to a recent generous donation, the animals that are in pain due to being emaciated will receive a much needed bath in comfort. Kyle Kirkland, President of Club One Casino, made a personal donation of almost $24,000 to provide much needed medical equipment and supplies, a commercial grade sterilizing dishwasher, two large animal sized stainless steel bathing tubs, two industrial animal cage dryers, a Bovie Aaron 1250 Electrosurgery unit, a high-tech animal dental cleaning station, improved surgical lighting and a VSSI animal lift gurney. We appreciate his caring donation that will assist in recovery for these animals.