Steve Austin, Our 6 Million Dollar Mutt

By Sasha Bell

Central California SPCA Humane Officer Gonzalez responded to a Fresno Police Department call regarding two emaciated pit bulls. Upon arrival the tenant was not at the property. The dogs were spotted in the back yard. One was completely down and feared dead, the other was still up on its feet, barely. Upon further inspection of the yard, Officer Gonzalez discovered two other dogs locked in a back patio area. One was a pit bull, also emaciated, and the other was a little white terrier mix.

Once Officer Gonzalez got the larger dogs loaded into the truck, he picked up the little dog, that’s when he noticed there was something not right with the little dogs jaw. It was off-set and left his tongue hanging out one side. After x-rays were taken, it was discovered that our little white dog had a non-union off-set fracture of the jaw bone.

When examined by specialists, it was determined that his jaw could be fixed by straightening it out and placing a metal plate in it to join the broken pieces. But the surgery would be very expensive, so a plea was made to our community for help. Surgery was scheduled for March 25, 2013 at Veterinary Specialty Services with Dr. Marco Cervi. And within a matter of a couple of weeks, the little white doggy, now known as Steve Austin, would have his surgery, as more than $4,400 was raised to cover his expenses! Thank you to all who supported and gave a donation for Steve’s surgery!

Steve Austin underwent several jaw surgeries and had 13 bone pins placed. Dr. Marco Cervi said his prognosis remains great and he should recover nicely.

After jaw surgery Steve Austin wore an external fixator and was fed via an esophageal feeding tube for about a month. He had many follow up visits and x-rays of his jaw. Within a few weeks of the surgery, what was once a 10mm area of missing jaw had healed down to approximately 4mm. Dr. Cervi was over the moon with Steve’s quick progress.

Steve maintained a wonderful attitude that we all adore him for and has been getting tons of affection from all of us at the CCSPCA Animal Care Center. Always the perfect patient, this adorable white terrier was happy throughout his ordeal, never once complaining or raising a fuss.

On Wednesday, June 26, 2013, the CCSPCA staff and local media celebrated the amazing recovery of Steve Austin. Steve is now, large in part, recovered! For that, he deserved a cupcake! KMJ News Talk Radio’s Ray Appleton, broadcasted live from the CCSPCA during Steve’s party. The Cupcake King provided delicious cupcakes for all who attended and even Steve was able to chow down on his very own special cupcake!

So what’s next for Steve Austin? Steve will remain in CCSPCA Foster Care until his next exam in 4 weeks, with Dr. Cervi at Veterinary Specialty Services. Our thanks go out to everyone that supported and followed Steve Austin’s story.