Adopting a Pet FAQs

What does the adoption include?
All kinds of great stuff! Our adoption includes: spay/neuter, microchip, first set of vaccines, rabies vaccine, routine de-wormer, flea & tick treatment, and a free health exam.  Many times there can be additional charges for booster vaccines or treatments.

Why do the prices sometimes vary?
As a nonprofit humane society, we rely on donations and adoption fees to assist with the care of our animals.  Variable pricing on our highly adoptable animals allows us to house and assist the less adoptable ones while they wait for a new home.  These funds also help to pay for puppy and kitten formula for the orphaned, medications for the sick and veterinary procedures for the injured.

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Why can I not adopt over the phone?
Our goal is permanent home placement. If at all possible, it is better to adopt in person to make sure that this is the right fit for everyone.

Why can’t you put more than an hour hold on dogs?
We would not want an animal to miss an opportunity to find a home if the prospective owner does not show up within the hour.  Please work with a staff member or manager if there are other circumstances that need to be considered for your adoption.

Why don’t you know exactly when I can pick up my newly adopted pet?
Happily, many animals do get adopted from our animal care center. We only have a certain amount of medical staff that can perform the spay/neuters for adopted animals and they do them in order of adoption.

Why don’t you have a list that I can put my name on so that you can call me when you get a certain type of animal (breeds, species, etc.)?
You can add your name to the Adoption Center’s Breed Wish List.  Please contact the Adoption Center by email at or call them at 559-233-7722 ext 116.  Please do come in person as often as possible because we constantly receive animals and you just may find the love of your life!

Why does my adopted pet have to have a microchip?
The CCSPCA policy is to microchip all adopted cats and dogs due to the high rate of animals lost, stolen or found at large.  It is a lifesaving tool that stays with the animal no matter what so they can be identified and returned to their family quickly.  The more animals that are returned home increases the available cage space for other incoming animals.

Why do you not adopt out aggressive dogs? (Usually when customers are looking for guard dogs.)
We want our community to be safe for all beings. If an animal is truly aggressive, it could be a danger to others and that is not beneficial to the community.

Why is there only a 14 day exchange privilege?
The exchange policy is in place for health related reasons only. Most health issues will show symptoms within the first 14 days after adoption.

Why can’t I take my pet home over the weekend and bring it back when the medical team is able to alter my pet?
California State Law requires an animal care center to have the adopted dog or cat altered before it is allowed to leave.  This is why your adopted pet must remain on CCSPCA property until altered.

When do you get kittens/puppies in?
We have animals of all ages come in to our animal care center year round.

Why do I have to pay for medical treatment if I adopted the animal here?
Medical treatment is an additional cost to the services already provided.