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When Disaster Strikes


An important (and sometimes overlooked) responsibility of a pet owner is to have a disaster plan in place for when emergency strikes. A thorough plan will help alleviate anxiety and stress and can be life-saving. Your pets will especially rely on you, so the more prepared you are, the safer you’ll be!

Below you will find some helpful tips and resources to help formulate a strong action plan.

Pet Emergency Kit Ideas:

  • 3+ days supply food
  • Food bowls, can opener, & utensils
  • Water bottles/dishes
  • 2 weeks of your pet’s medications
  • Litter boxes with litter (If you have cats)
  • Extra leashes, collars, ID tags
  • Vaccination and medical records/prescriptions
  • Copy of adoption papers & microchip number
  • Photos and descriptions of each pet
  • Pet first aid kit and pet first aid book
  • Blanks or towels
  • Disposable baggies & paper towels
  • Disinfectant
  • Carrier
  • Toys & treats

Other Resources: