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Adoption Rates

Dog Adoption Rates

  • Paw IconPuppy (Up to 1 Year Old): $220
  • Paw IconYoung Adult (1 Year - 5 Years): $200
  • Paw IconAdult (5 Years - 10 Years): $160
  • Paw IconSenior (10+ years): $60
  • Paw IconLong-term (60+ days): Was $120. Now FREE.
Adoptable Dog
Adoptable Cat

Cat Adoption Rates

  • Paw IconKitten (Up to 1 Year Old): $100
  • Paw IconYoung Adult (1 Year - 5 Years): $80
  • Paw IconAdult (5 Years - 10 Years): $60
  • Paw IconSenior (10+ years): $50
  • Adoption costs may vary based on adoption specials, subsidies, breed appearance, length of stay, and other factors.

  • Additional fees may apply for extra procedures, medication, and e-collars.

  • The adoption process can take 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

  • If a dog/cat has NOT been spayed or neutered, he/she will not be released until after the surgery has been performed.

  • CCSPCA reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and may deny adoptions at their discretion.

Adoptions are done on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. If several parties are interested in the same animal, CCSPCA will enter them into a random ‘drawing’ and begin the adoption process with the first name drawn. Please know we are unable to verify arrival time prior to our opening. As such, if multiple groups arrive for the same animal prior to opening time, CCSPCA will use the lottery system regardless of place in line.

Adopting a Pet FAQs

What does the adoption include?+
Why do the prices sometimes vary?+
Why can I not adopt over the phone?+
Why can’t you put more than an hour hold on dogs?+
Why don’t you know exactly when I can pick up my newly adopted pet?+
Why don’t you have a list that I can put my name on so that you can call me when you get a certain type of animal (breeds, species, etc.)?+
Why does my adopted pet have to have a microchip?+
Why is there only a 14 day exchange privilege?+
Why can’t I take my pet home over the weekend and bring it back when the medical team is able to alter my pet?+
When do you get kittens/puppies in?+
Why do I have to pay for medical treatment if I adopted the animal here?+

Contact Information

For more information about Adoption Services, please call (559) 233-7722 ext 116 or email