Workplace Giving

Workplace Campaigns, Company Matching Grants, and Monthly Deductions  

Be a Pet Lover Advocate and start a workplace campaign!  It’s well known that employees want to work for companies that care and prefer to work for those businesses who are socially responsible, encourage community involvement, and in many instances, are willing to match employee contributions.

For employers, employee giving campaigns and matching grants greatly improve employee morale and create a positive corporate image within the greater Fresno Community.

Keys to successfully implementing an employee giving campaign include:

  • Recruiting the right person to initiate and lead the campaign
  • Making it easy to give
  • Setting goals for employee participation
  • Communicating and publicizing the campaign in multiple ways at your place of business
  • Acknowledging and thanking employees who participate

For more information on how you can start an employee campaign, please contact or call 559.233.7722 ext. 108.