The Top 10 Things You Need for a Puppy

The Top 10 Things You Need for a Puppy

So, you’re going to be bringing a new puppy into the house!! This is a very exciting time for you (and the puppy), so we’d like to help by providing a puppy supply list. This will help you determine everything you need for a new puppy.

What Are the Best Cat Breeds for Pets

What Are the Best Cat Breeds for Pets?

When making a decision about the best cat breed for you or your family, you will want to take into consideration the life that you lead. There are a number of factors that go into choosing the right pet, and your lifestyle needs to match their personality for it to be a good fit.

CCSPCA Rescue Tails 3

CCSPCA Rescue Tails

Did you know that we currently have over 70 active organizations that partner with us?

Vaccination Clinic

Vaccination Clinic

If you are in need of vaccines, microchips, or dog licenses, you definitely need to come pay us a visit!

American Sheet Metal

Bets for Pets – Spotlight Sponsors

Tickets are only $60 and all proceeds benefit the animals that come to the CCSPCA. We hope you will join us – we’re so excited to share the evening with you!

Orange Cove Investigation Filing 1

Orange Cove Investigation Filing

Most of the dogs we rescued were successfully treated and have all been adopted or sent with one of our Pet Placement Organizations.

Microchip Madness Success 2

Microchip Madness Success

Microchips are essential and significantly increase the likelihood of reunion if your lost pet is found by someone!