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Dickens is always ready to relax, ID#18559329

Dickens (ID#18559329) looks like he is always ready to sit back, relax, and meow you a story. This 2 year old short hair Tuxedo boy makes following his spots on his nose a fun game!


Shodu looks like an Ewok! ID#18692606

Shodu (ID#18692606) looks like an Ewok walking on 4 legs. This beautiful Senior Silky Terrier warms your heart with her youthful joy of affection.


Andy could be Stage worthy ID#18653411

Andy ID#18653411 who looks like a baby Sandy from Annie, is just too adorable for words! This sprite sturdy little West-highland Terrier cuddles right up to your cheek, camera or no camera.


Picture Perfect Puppy – Lamb Chop ID#18653428

Lamb Chop ID#18653428 is just so adorable it is hard to understand why she is still here. This 3 to 4 month old Wire Haired Fox Terrier has made a few media appearances, but no adoptive family has come for her yet.

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