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CCSPCA Humane Rescue

Rescue at Sands Motel

Our dispatch sent an investigation Humane Officer out to respond to a complaint from a neighbor. Although the suspect was caught in the act of animal abuse by our Officer, she was not immediately arrested by the attending Fresno PD.


It takes a team to save a life, each life is individual!

The young, healthy, spayed, vaccinated and licensed, but severely injured Weimaraner, had been put back together by our Veterinarian, Dr. Katy Byrd. Kayla was near death with a four-day-old puncture wound to her chest brought in to be euthanized was healed by our creative and carrying staff!.

Pets & Bones CCSPCA

Don’t give that dog a bone

I had a surprise visit from a news crew about a year ago, because the USDA had issued a warning to pet owners for them not to feed chicken bones to their pets.

Animal Care Plan

Care for specialty pets

I am wonderfully amazed by the creatures I encounter. When a veterinarian has an opportunity to save a life, she rarely turns it down just because she is venturing into unfamiliar territory.

CCSPCA Flea Info

Flea Allergies

As a veterinarian, I see a lot of Flea Allergic Dermatitis. Its important for pet owners to know that this uncomfortable condition is easy to prevent.

Cricket Puppy Room Photo - CCSPCA

“Dr. Katy’s” First Blog Post!

Here goes a Dinosaur, typing with two fingers. I guess it shows (although slowly), that even a Brontosaurus can learn to use Social Media.


We’ll Miss Catalina

Catalina, our resident cat at the CCSPCA Small Animal Hospital, and loved by many, went to a better place on Tuesday afternoon.  Intestinal cancer ultimately caught up with her, although with a lot of TLC and medical care over a number of years, her life was good right up to the end. She arrived here […]

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