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Champ was adopted, ID#308085

Champ (ID#308085) is a large long Tuxedo cat! He qualifies for our “free over three” adoption promotion as a part of our “Raining Cats and Dogs” Adoption Promotion.


Lightening looks striking in his tuxedo, ID#310627

Lightening (ID#310627) is striking in his tuxedo coat of silky medium length hair. This one year old boy will entertain you with his natural abilities to pounce, stalk, jump, play, run, and meow for wants, or just to talk.

Ciara on TV

Ciara is a 4 month old Shar-Pei blend, ID#308305

Ciara (ID#308305) is a large pawed puppy, and looks like she is wearing big white slippers that make her paws look bigger. Ciara, a Sharpei Blend, is about 4 months old and so she qualifies for our Large Breed Adoption Special that runs through the end of the month.

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