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Pet Theft Awareness Class

This class is free to the public with the goal of raising awareness to pet theft currently affecting our community.

Stanley Neuter Boy

Neuter Day helps reduce strays!!

Our Neuter Day on October 1st did prove to be Neuter-ific! Although many did not show up for their low cost neuter, we did have many grateful families take advantage of saving money while doing the right thing for their pets.

Girl Scout Troop 2302

Girl Scout Troop 2302

The animals could smell the special cookies made for them by Girl Scout Troop 2302 as they entered the building! Many happy tails and wiggly bodies could be found during the Girl Scout’s visit when they got to give the dogs their treats.


Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanksgiving is a time to sit around the table with family and friends and enjoy a big dinner and the company of one another – but we mustn’t forget the furry members of our family either!

Pets & Bones CCSPCA

Don’t give that dog a bone

I had a surprise visit from a news crew about a year ago, because the USDA had issued a warning to pet owners for them not to feed chicken bones to their pets.

Animal Care Plan

Care for specialty pets

I am wonderfully amazed by the creatures I encounter. When a veterinarian has an opportunity to save a life, she rarely turns it down just because she is venturing into unfamiliar territory.

Shelter Advocates Volunteering Everywhere

We S.A.V.E

Volunteers save lives, through all of their actions! The action we are featuring in this edition is the dedicated weekend action we currently have going on.

CCSPCA Flea Info

Flea Allergies

As a veterinarian, I see a lot of Flea Allergic Dermatitis. Its important for pet owners to know that this uncomfortable condition is easy to prevent.

4th of July Chihuahua

4th of July Safety

Happy would like to remind you to Celebrate Safely this 4th of July. We make the following suggestions: Make sure your pet has its license or identification tag on their collar, including microchip information.

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Community Ambassadors

We are consistently expanding our Volunteer Program and have continued to reach out to the community in search of more volunteers. We try to have our volunteers

What To Do After You Adopt A Pet

The ultimate guide for new adopters!

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