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Pet Placement

Pet Placement Organizations

Congratulations and thank you Pet Placement Organizations! Because of you and devoted organizations like yours many animals have been saved and placed into new homes.


Goofy is a 3 month old Abyssinian ID#274754 – Adopted!

Goofy is a 3 month old Abyssinian his ID number is 274754 . All he does is explore, pounce, play and juggle! He purrs his way up to your face and he gently pats you on the cheek, he is a lovable and adorable kitten that just gives love. He is a great kitten!


Minnie Mouse a 2 month old Corgi Blend ID#280165 – Adopted!

Minnie Mouse is a 2 month old little Corgi blend, her id number is #280165. She is out spoken, playful, wiggly, all puppy fun! She is tiny and she is in need of love and care. She is perfect for someone that loves small pups because Minnie needs someone to hold her safely. She loves her sibling and her tiny, just as adorable mother, but she is ready to go to a home of her own.

Bolis, 2 yrs old male Catahoula

Bolis, a Catahoula, Labrador Retriever mix ID #221540- (Adopted!)

olis is a 2 year old Catahoula mixed with Labrador Retriever ID#221540! He has been adopted twice and although we love getting to see him again, we would rather he find a permanent home. When Bolis is adopted again, hopefully soon after being our first “Pet of the week” on

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