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CCSPCA Horses Receive Training In Hopes of Finding Homes

Long term horse residents, Dawn and Khan, just finished receiving 60 days of training from local horse trainer, Reed Helsel. They are both now saddle broke and can accept an experienced rider. The CCSPCA is delighted to work with Mr. Helsel in hopes to find forever homes for these horses.


Horse Adoption Promo Continues

In August the Central California SPCA featured a horse adoption promotion. We are offering free horse adoption fees (to approved forever homes) with $100 worth of free hay and free transportation within a 60 mile radius!


Horse Adoption Promotion

The Central California SPCA currently has 40 horses available for adoption, ranging in age from 1 to 25 years. The adoption fee is FREE and includes FREE trailer transport up to 60 miles and $100 worth of FREE hay!


Sassy and Berry

Berry(ID#A18645459) was born in our care after her mother was seized due to neglect. Sassy (ID#A18650349) was 6 months old when she and her mother were seized and brought to our animal center for care.


3 New Horses Under Investigation

Three severely neglected horses have been taken in by the CCSPCA after being found extremely malnourished and having untreated wounds.

What To Do After You Adopt A Pet

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