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Garland heads to PetSmart

Garland headed out to PetSmart today in hopes to find her forever family tonight or during Christmas Eve.


Hooray finds a home!

Hooray traveled with our Offsite Adoption Team to PetSmart. Guess who didn’t have to travel back to the Animal Center?


Muppet waited all weekend for her new family!

WOW! What an amazing offsite adoption weekend we had! With Muppet getting adopted on Sunday, the last day of the PetSmart adoption weekend, we hit 14 adoptions at our offsite locations.


Thalia’s Foster Baby Gets Adopted

A foster parent’s dream come true. Colombiano adopted this weekend at Petsmart by the Chavez family, will have a husky and terrier companion at home.

Hannah from PetSmart

Happy PetSmart Adoption – Hannah

Hallelujah! Hannah (ID#324007) will be sleeping in her new home tonight! She showed her charmingly infectious personality, which certainly hides the fact that she only has one eye!

CCSPCA Adoptions at PetSmart

Adoptions Continue at PetSmart!

Our offsite team was so excited that their pre-spayed puppy was adopted today by Nancy and Tim DeYoung!! Valen Ruth Suarez also adopted Halo today at PetSmart!

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