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Burned Cats 4

Burned Cats Available for Adoption!

If you are interested in adopting Eleanor, Betty, Nancy, or Jackie, please visit our Adoption Center at 103 S. Hughes, Fresno, Ca 93706 daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Wednesdays until 6 p.m.) to fill out an application.


2015 Home for the Holidays Success

We adopted out 670 animals during our Home for the Holidays adoption promotion! 490 dogs and 180 cats found their forever homes this past month.


Betty Mae Adopted!

After 8 months of treatment Betty Mae is almost completely healed. Most of her hair has grown back, she is walking, and enjoying life.

pecial adoption promotion for all Chihuahuas

National Dog Week Adoption Results

In celebration of National Dog Week, the Central California SPCA offered a special adoption promotion for all Chihuahuas and select Terrier blends.

What To Do After You Adopt A Pet

The ultimate guide for new adopters!

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