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Whisker Wonderland 2013

Posted on: November 7th, 2013 by CCSPCA

Bring your family and pets to the CCSPCA’s Whisker Wonderland during the month of December! Come walk or drive through to enjoy spectacular lights and holiday displays. Then stop on by to take pictures with Santa and grab a nice warm hot chocolate or coffee!  Whisker Wonderland is the perfect occasion to bring your children and pets to capture the spirit of the Holidays. Hope to see you, your family, and furry friends there!  Happy Holidays!

photo-2 photo

Shred It & Forget It

Posted on: November 7th, 2013 by CCSPCA

The Shred It & Forget It event was a success thanks to our dedicated volunteers.  This event was presented by the Better Business Bureau and Golden One Credit Union.  Citizens of Fresno County could bring all their sensitive material that needed to be shredded to this event to be properly dealt with.  The first two boxes per patron would be free to shred, then the additional boxes were $3 each.  All the proceeds from this event benefited the Central California SPCA.

This event was run by 12 of our volunteers.  They loaded and unloaded boxes from patron’s vehicles to the professional shredding mobile truck.  The event coordinators said that our volunteers were very helpful and stayed busy throughout the event.

We’d like to say a big thank you to those volunteers who gave their all at this event.   These volunteers were Kelly Allen, Jose Barajas, Arturo Delgadillo, Elvia Diaz, Austin Gagnebin, Jacob Franz, Stephanie Ladd, Jennifer Mejia, Victoria Palhannaung, Oscar Perez, Cindy Valenzuela, Luis Valenzuela, Jacob Walker and Christina.

IMG_6589 IMG_6614 IMG_6674

Story of Benny the Long Haired Dachshund

Posted on: November 7th, 2013 by CCSPCA

Benny, a 3-year-old, purebred long haired Dachshund, came to the CCSPCA as a stray. His dry coat and matted fur, entangled with fox tails and the countless fleas and ticks, told a tale of some rough times. After some time in foster care, Benny’s coat improved, he’d gained weight and it was time to find him a forever home. No one seemed to be interested. How could this be?!

Just as we were beginning to think we were going to have to take Benny back to foster care, a wonderful lady named Jackie, stopped by “just to look.” She was not planning on adopting, but after meeting Jackie, there was no way our adoptions manager, Grace Appleton, was letting her leave without Benny!  If he could just win her heart as he had ours…how could she possibly say no?!

When we brought Benny out to meet Jackie, it was clear in an instant that these two were perfect for each other!  Benny now lives in the Bay Area with his new family and enjoys a very active life with Jackie, who happens to be a dog trainer.

Jackie recently sent us an update on Benny.  It’s always great to hear from our adoptees about how the animals’ new “furever” homes are working out.  Jackie had entered Benny into his first confirmation competition and he won Best In Show!  He competed against 20 other dogs and won. His ribbon is almost as big as he is!  Congratulations to Benny and Jackie!

Benny is now going through training to be a therapy dog.  He will start basic obedience classes and take his Canine Good Citizen test.  After both are completed he will be certified!


Fizza is now a certified Dog for the Deaf!

Posted on: November 7th, 2013 by CCSPCA

Fizza came to the Central California SPCA as a stray. She demonstrated innate inquisitiveness as well as friendliness and loyalty.  These are key characteristics needed to be a candidate for the rescue foundation, Dogs for the Deaf. The CCSPCA works hand in hand with this organization providing them with great candidates to be trained to work with a person with disabilities. Recently, Fizza was sent to Dogs for the Deaf training center in Oregon. She has gone through intensive training and has been placed with Susan H. of Florida!  Fizza will give invaluable service of providing sound awareness and security by alerting her new mom to the sounds of a smoke alarm, phone call, doorbell/door knock, over timer and alarm clock.  In return, Fizza has received her “furever” home of companionship and unconditional love.


The Story of Noah

Posted on: November 7th, 2013 by CCSPCA

Like most of our animals, Noah, a golden retriever, was brought to the CCSPCA as a stray.  He was a high-energy, active dog and we knew he would be a great listener.  We work with many different organizations in order to give our animals the best life for them and so they can find their “furever” home.  In Noah’s case his personality traits tipped off our staff to send him off to the Search Dog Foundation.  This organization trains and certifies dogs to search and rescue with their firefighter partners.  The dogs spend eight months in professional training and receiving the TLC they deserve.

Noah has undergone the professional training and received his advanced FEMA certification. He has been partnered with his firefighter and handler, Mark Schroeder!  They are now deployable whenever disaster strikes the nation.  Noah and Mr. Schroeder have already been called to duty out of state twice this year.  They responded to the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma and the disastrous floods in Boulder County, Colorado just this year.  Here’s to many more successful deployments Noah and Mark!

Candidate Noah ladder 5-12 Hanzelka Noah & Mark posed CE 9-13 Tosch

Duke The Great Dane

Posted on: November 7th, 2013 by CCSPCA

A few months ago a Great Dane named Duke found his way to the Central California SPCA.  He was very playful, wily, and loved to run.  Due to our shelter environment, we could not accommodate his needs because of his large size.  Most giant breed dogs have a difficult time adjusting to shelter life.  They often become arthritic and get pressure sores due to the fact that they have to lie down all the time in the kennels.  In order to find Duke his “furever” home we sent him to one of our Pet Placement Organizations, Gentle Giants.

Gentle Giants is located in southern California and they rescue giant breed dogs, such as Duke.  They are the largest giant breed rescue organization in the world!  They find adoptable homes for these great dogs.

We are happy to tell you that Duke recently found his “furever” home!  He now has lots of places to run, play, and be loved!  His new family often takes him to a local nursing home to offer comfort and support to the residents there.  He is currently training to be a service/therapy dog.

Great Dane.Duke 10.13

2013 Fresno Fair and the Central California SPCA

Posted on: November 7th, 2013 by CCSPCA


The Fresno Fair is one of the Central California SPCA’s biggest events of the year.  At this year’s fair we had three of our departments representing our organization – adoptions & foster care, education, and volunteer.

Throughout the length of the fair, our mobile adoption unit housed a total of 68 animals needing to be adopted.  The great news is 50 furry friends, 20 cats and 30 dogs, found their “furever” homes at the fair!  The great news is we were able to rehome nearly all of our long-term residents.  Many of these had been with us from as far back as JUNE!  Thank you to all those who chose to adopt and give these fluffy’s a loving home!

The fair would not have been as successful without our dedicated volunteers.  We had 48 volunteers throughout the 13 days at the fair and they put in well over 750 hours!  Their jobs involved taking care of the animals, answering questions, helping set up and take down the booth, and showing animals to prospective adopters.  Thank you to our awesome volunteers!

Our education department’s main goal at the fair is to educate and inform pet owners about a myriad of pet related subjects.  They handed out pamphlets about dog safety, information about our Animal Center, free dog training flyers, low cost vaccines flyers, microchip flyers, spay/neuter info, licensing info, bookmarkers for the kids, Junior Humane Officer stickers, Playmate magazines, New Parent Guide magazines, donation flyers, volunteer flyers, pet diseases awareness, dog food coupons and adoption information.  Our humane educator, Thalia Arenas, also arranged for 25 schools from around the valley to visit the CCSPCA booth at the fair.

Hopefully you had a chance to swing by our booth.  If not, we will see you next year!

Kong Toys at CCSPCA

Posted on: September 6th, 2013 by CCSPCA


We are pleased to have just added Kong toys to our pet supply products at the CCSPCA. If you are not familiar with Kongs, they are tough, rugged, and bouncy and provide plenty of chewing time. Best of all they can be stuffed with any variation of things that your imagination can dream up.

To make things easy we also carry the 8oz can of Kong Stuffing in peanut butter flavor. This makes it very simple to insert the stuffing into the hollow opening of the Kong and it gives a new twist on this durable, playful toy. You can stuff the Kong with dry dog food, canned dog food, canned food mixed with kibble, fruit or vegetables – just let your creativeness run wild. You can even freeze the Kong with the stuffing inside and give your dog a nice cool treat on these hot summer days.

Once you stuff your Kong, your dog will be happy to spend time trying to lick out the contents. This is a great way for high energy dogs to have a little calming time or dogs spending time in their crate can be kept occupied. Any dog, for any reason, will love their Kong. Listed below is one recipe to try. Or go to www.kongcompany.com/recipe for more recipes. You can also check our website and Facebook page as we will occasionally post a new recipe from time to time. Don’t wait any longer! Get your dog a Kong and start stuffing now!

Available in 3 sizes at CCSPCA Ruthelaine’s Thrift/Gift & Pet Supplies.

This recipe was inspired by KONG office dog, Critter.
- Canned Pumpkin
- Apple
- Kibble
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Stuff into the KONG.


Small 7.49
Medium 9.99
Large 12.99
Kong Stuffing 7.99

If ordering by phone, 559.485.5335, an additional $5.95 shipping & handling charge applies.

Tabby & Brutus: Natural Disaster Preparedness Month

Posted on: September 6th, 2013 by CCSPCA

Dear Tabby and Brutus,

I’ve heard that September is Natural Disaster Preparedness month. Do you have any suggestions on how to prepare for a natural disaster with a pet? I just don’t want to be caught unaware or not prepared.

Needing A Plan

Dear Needing,

You are on the right track by want to prepare ahead of time. When disaster strikes it can be stressful and hectic. Preparation can make all the difference. Keep in mind if it’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for them. Take a few minutes to create a plan and pack an emergency kit. If you have a family, include them of the plan ahead of time as well. Here is a checklist for protecting your pet during a disaster:

1. Start Getting Ready Now: ID your pet, put together a disaster kit and find a safe place to stay ahead of time.

2. If you have to evacuate, take your pet with you: If it’s not safe for you, then it’s not safe for them. Even if you think you are going to be gone just a few hours, you never know how long you will be away from “home”. In some cases you will not be able to go back to get your pets. Pets left behind during a disaster can become injured, lost or killed. Also, evacuate early. Do not wait until the last minute. This will make a stressful situation an easier transition for everybody.

3. If you stay at home, do it safely: Find a safe area in your home to take cover. Make sure that space is away from anything breakable, large enough to hold you, your family and pets, move dangerous items and block off nooks and crannies where pets may hide. Bring your animals inside. DO NOT LEAVE THEM OUTSIDE! They may escape during the disaster which could be harmful.

4. Take extra care after the disaster: Don’t allow your pets to roam around loose. Things may be different and familiar smells gone which will further confuse your pet. Try to keep to their normal routine. It will make the transition easier for your pet. Be patient with your pets after the disaster. They were probably just as scared as you were during the emergency. It may take them awhile to re-acclimate themselves to the home.

**You can catch the Dear Tabby/Brutus column in our quarterly magazine, “Playmate”.**

Heartworm Disease

Posted on: August 30th, 2012 by CCSPCA

Dr NampleHeartworm is a potentially fatal disease transmitted by mosquitos to both dogs and cats.

Heartworm is found in the greater Fresno area, and any dog or cat with exposure to mosquitoes is at risk. Symptoms may be silent early in the infection, but over time the symptoms progress leading to life-threatening heart or lung disease. Symptoms in dogs typically present as coughing, difficulty breathing, or exercise intolerance. In cats symptoms are more variable but could include bronchitis-like symptoms, or vomiting.

The good news is that the disease is completely preventable! Both topical and oral preventatives are available to protect your pet. In dogs, a heartworm test and examination are required before starting on a preventative. In cats, due to conditions unique to the cat, testing interpretation can be difficult. As a result, although an exam is required, testing is not, before starting a cat on heartworm preventative.

For the month of September, the CCSPCA Small Animal Hospital will offer a $10 discount on the exam to start your pet on heartworm medication. This offer is available to animals who have not been on heartworm prevention previously. Please mention this article when you come in to receive the discount. To make an appointment, call the hospital at 237-1125 weekdays.

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