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These animals are in need of immediate transfer to a  501(c)3 Pet Placement Organization. This page is dedicated exclusively to those animals in need of transfer to a Pet Placement Organization. The animals posted here are also still available for adoption, please visit us at PetTango.com, CCSPCA.com or our Central California SPCA Facebook page for the bulk of our adoptable pets.

Thank you!

List of current Pet Placement Organizations* partnered with the SPCA:

  • 3R Rescue, Inc.
  • American Black & Tan Coonhound Rescue
  • Angel Dogs
  • Beagles and Buddies
  • Big Dog Rescue, Inc.
  • Border Collies in Need
  • California Animal Rescue
  • California GSP Rescue
  • Cavalier Rescue USA
  • Central Coast Pug Rescue
  • Chow Chow Rescue of the Sierra Foothills
  • Chows Plus
  • Copper’s Dream Rescue
  • Doberman Pinscher Rescue
  • Dogs for the Deaf
  • Elder Paws Rescue
  • Feral Paws Rescue Group
  • Fresno Turtle & Tortoise Association
  • Gentle Giants Rescue
  • German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California
  • Golden State German Shepherd Rescue
  • Great Pyrenees Rescue of Northern California
  • Greyhound Adoption Center
  • Heart to Heart Small Dog Rescue Inc.
  • K9BFF, Inc.
  • Kings SPCA
  • Lone Oak Rescue Inc.
  • Marin Humane Society
  • Mending Fences
  • National Disaster Search Dog Foundation
  • New Beginnings for Animals
  • Newfoundland Health and Rescue
  • NorCal Aussie Rescue Inc.
  • NorCal Boxer Rescue
  • Norcal Cocker Rescue
  • NorCal Collie Rescue
  • NorCal German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue, Inc.
  • Norcal Golden Retriever Rescue
  • NORSLED Northern California Sled Dog Rescue
  • Northern California Sheltie Rescue
  • Northern California Weimaraner Rescue
  • Old English Sheepdog Rescue of So. CA, Inc.
  • Poke-A-Dots Dalmatians and Friends
  • Rocket Dog Rescue
  • Russell Rescue CA
  • San Francisco SPCA
  • Santa Cruz SPCA
  • Second Chance Cocker Rescue, Inc
  • Second Wind Rescue, Inc.
  • Sequoia Humane Society
  • Siberian Husky Rescue/Referral of CA
  • Southern California Bulldog Rescue
  • Southern Oregon Humane Society
  • Sunny Saints St. Bernard Rescue
  • Valley Animal Haven
  • Vizsla Club of Northern CA

*Some of our Pet Placement Organizations may choose not to be listed here and we respect their wishes, however, they still partner with us.

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Pet Placement Organizations

Our Rescue Department has made great strides in giving animals second chances with the wonderful help of organizations such as yours. Even though we’ve had some great successes there have been many situations resulting in misunderstandings and confusion. This is due largely to operating with verbal and non-written agreements.

Many of you have asked for written policies and we are pleased to inform you that we now have a document which clearly defines the relationship between the Central California SPCA and our rescue groups. This document, called the Pet Placement Organization Agreement, establishes protocols, roles, and responsibilities for both parties. Many Humane Societies and Animal Control agencies have implemented similar industry standard type agreements with their rescue groups.

As of March 15, 2012 all rescue groups must have on file with the Central California SPCA (CCSPCA) the documents listed below. We ask that you please review, sign, and return these documents to the CCSPCA Adoptions/Rescue Services Department no later than March 14, 2012. Failure to do so will result in the discontinuation of your organization’s ability to accept animals from the CCSPCA. The documents are as follows:

  • CCSPCA Pet Placement Organization Agreement
  • Current copy of your organization’s Internal Revenue Letter of Determination (IRS 501-c3 document)
  • Completed Pet Placement Organization Application listing representatives of your organization authorized to choose and/or accept animals on behalf of your organization. Please be sure to include full names, phone numbers, and emails for all representatives.
  • A complete list of animals and their breeds that you are interested in transferring to your organization.

As with any new policy, we expect that there will be many questions. So we encourage you to contact us via email at Rescue@ccspca.com or by phone at 559-233-7722 ext 127.

We are optimistic that together we can build on a greater collaborative effort in assisting our community’s animals by working closer with each other.

Thank you for what you do on behalf of these animals and we look forward to continuing and strengthening our relationship with you in this New Year.

Download the Pet Placement OrganizationAgreement




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