Low Cost Spay and Neuter Services


Hip Snip Hooray Low Cost High Volume Spay and Neuter Program


DOG NEUTER (2-15 lbs.) $52
DOG NEUTER (16-50 lbs.) $65
DOG NEUTER (51-80 lbs.) $83
DOG NEUTER (81+ lbs.) $103
DOG SPAY (2-15 lbs.) $67
DOG SPAY (16-50 lbs.) $83
DOG SPAY (51-80 lbs.) $103
DOG SPAY (81+ lbs.) $134

Call 559.237.1125 to schedule an appointment for Hip Snip Hooray.

> Cats and Dogs must be 6 months of age or older to qualify for Hip Snip Hooray.
> Must be healthy, no sneezing, diarrhea, coughing or any other illness.

Please have current up-to-date animal information when making the appointment with the Hospital Staff.

And in case you’re wondering if you should get your pet fixed or perhaps persuade the neighbor next door whose pet keeps having litter after litter, here are a few good reasons to spay and neuter

Snip N’ Chip – Low Cost Spay and Neuter Services

At the CCSPCA, we understand that people realize the importance of altering their animals.  We also understand that many cannot afford the fees. Snip N Chip is a low cost spay and neuter program is for those people who want to prevent the cycle of unwanted animals, yet simply don’t have the means.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, there are between six and eight million cats and dogs entering American shelters every year. Three to four million of these animals are euthanized.  This crisis is a direct result of animals left unaltered in our communities.

Our Snip N Chip program is for low-income pet owners and offers low cost spay/neuter services. If you qualify, the cost for these services is only $35 per pet (4 pets total per person) and includes a free microchip.

To Qualify

Must present a check stub, award letter, or other form of income statement proving total monthly income for the entire household.

Numbers of persons / Total income

  • 1. $1300
  • 2. $1600
  • 3. $1900
  • 4. $2200
  • 5. $2500
  • * Add $300 for each extra person

The pet must be a minimum of 4 months and current on vaccines or 6 months of age or older with no up-to-date vaccines (vaccines will be provided the day of surgery- DHPP and Rabies for dogs and FVRCP for cats if needed, for an additional cost).


  • Provide an income statement, pet vaccine records (if any), and your ID to the Adoption Center Front Desk staff to be processed for the low cost program, where they’ll provide you with a receipt (the service must be paid for in advance).
  • Copies of the above items can be submitted in person, by mail, fax 559-233-0117, or email snipnchip@ccspca.com after having determined that you qualify.
  • Make an appointment with the CCSPCA Small Animal Hospital. The surgery can be scheduled in person or by phone at (559) 237-1125. Surgeries are booked Monday-Friday 7:30-8:30a.m.
  • Show your receipt to our CCSPCA Hospital staff to have your pet admitted for surgery.
  • Pet pick-up is same day after 2:30p.m. You will receive a call that everything went well and is time for pick up.

If you are interested in qualifying for the Snip N Chip program, please contact our Desk Services Manager at (559) 233-7722 Ext. 107 or email snipnchip@ccspca.com.

Through our Snip N Chip low cost spay and neuter program, we are giving back to both people and animals in our community.

Here are some things that you can do to help!

  1. Donate to the Snip N Chip program.
  2. Use your voice to support Government support of spay/neuter funding.
  3. Sponsor a spay/neuter for an animal looking for a home.  This is a general fund that can help an animal in need by reducing adoption fees (individual animals cannot be selected).
  4. Learn the true benefits of spay/neuter for animals and the community.
  5. Only bring an animal into your life/home if they come from a shelter/rescue because they spay/neuter first.
  6. Learn more about the true situations for animals in your community including the real solutions.
  7. Volunteer at our animal center.

Download Snip N Chip Flyer

Non-Surgical Neutering for Dogs

ZeuterinThe Central California SPCA now offers non-surgical neutering for Dogs! Zeutering is the new way to safely and permanently neuter your male dog using a simple injection.
The Central California SPCA is pleased to join the ranks of many clinics across the nation to provide sterilization by the FDA-approved product called Zeuterin. Zeuterin became available recently and could be a “game changer” in efforts to curb the number of homeless animals born each year.

The process is simple. The dog receives a physical exam, a mild sedative and an injection of Zeuterin (zinc gluconate neutralized by arginine) in each testicle. It receives a small tattoo on its groin to show it has been sterilized, although it remains intact. The dog can resume activities in a short time.

Zeuterin prices are the same as our regular Hip Snip Hooray neuter prices. For more information about Zeuterin, please contact the CCSPCA Small Animal Hospital at 559.237.1125 or call 559.233.7722 ext 107.