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20 Cats/Kittens leave for San Francisco SPCA

Posted on: August 25th, 2012 by CCSPCA

San Francisco Transfer 20 Cats and Kittens

Our large cherished Orange Boy was one of the many making the trip to San Francisco yesterday! He stretched in exuberance to go to cooler weather, a new home, and a coastal menu!!!

Off to new horizons for 20 of our kittens and cats that left today in the caring hands of the San Francisco SPCA team! They will have marvelous opportunities for new beginnings in new homes! We are tremendously thankful to the San Francisco SPCA for collaborating with us in the efforts to find all animals loving homes.

It takes a team to save a life, each life is individual!

Posted on: July 2nd, 2012 by CCSPCA

Through the dedicated and compassionate team effort of the Central California SPCA staff, the phone call was made to Frank Martinez about Kayla. The young, healthy, spayed, vaccinated and licensed, but severely injured Weimaraner, had been put back together by our Veterinarian, Dr. Katy Byrd. The phone call to ask them to come pick up Kayla, came as a surprise to the Martinez family since they had already said goodbye to her when they had brought her in for euthanasia, two weeks earlier.

When she came in, Kayla, was near death with a four-day-old puncture wound to her chest and Mr. Martinez, didn’t have the money to pay a veterinarian. Mr. Martinez was very grateful that the staff was so supportive when he came in to drop her off and that they listened to him through his tears when he hugged Kayla and said, “I’m sorry. I’m poor, and I hope you can forgive me.” Kayla wanting to comfort him licked his face.

Our staff is dedicated to treating each animal as an individual, and it is a huge misunderstanding that every animal that comes in with a request for euthanasia, is euthanized. Each animal is considered individually for needs, health, well-being, and of course QUALITY of LIFE. Our staff knows the importance of communicating with each other so that all the needs for each animal can be met. The talents and dedication shine through in cases like this that get highlighted, this type of happy ending is not a rarity, the voice to the actions of our staff, is a rarity!

Kayla’s recovery was guarded since it was a large wound, and it had not been repaired immediately. The creativity of our Veterinarian, Dr. Byrd, added to her individual needs for surgery and for healing properly. Everyone who worked with her while she was here noticed that she just kept looking for something or someone. She was patient with our staff that cared for her, medicated her, checked her, fed her, fell in love with her, however, she was still looking…

Our front desk team member had the honor of making the surprising call to the Martinez family. They knew it would be a shock, however a welcome one. The excited disbelief cannot be described. Having to reassure that this was in fact real, happened a few times. Kayla’s time for pick up was set for Saturday morning.

On Saturday morning everyone had wide smiles, knowing that it was Kayla’s day to go home. Dr. Byrd brought Kayla from the hospital to be reunited with her family, and Kayla’s tail was a blur with wiggles of extreme joy, while our eyes were a blur with tears of happiness. There are not enough words to share how wonderful it feels to see such a happy reunion!! The tears begin to flow just writing about it, thank fully it is a memory that can be played over and over in the minds of everyone there! Kayla found what she had been looking for her mom and dad!!!

We are grateful to Kayla’s pet parents for spaying her, vaccinating her, licensing her, providing a good home for her, for loving her, through everything!!

It is through the donations from the public that we are able to continue to do everything that we can for each individual animal, because they deserve it!!!

Hudson the Morgan Goes to a Loving Home

Posted on: May 16th, 2012 by CCSPCA

Hudson found a home!
Hudson—Now Adopted !!
He is a Gelding, Dark Bay, white blaze, RH heel, 3-4yr, Morgan, less socialized will be project horse, that came in with many others from one of our investigation cases. He always wanted to respond to people, but he was scared and felt he needed to be careful with humans. Hudson liked to whinny for breakfast and dinner if our Officers didn’t move fast enough with the food, of course that was if the other’s did too, he was truly part of the herd, he didn’t want to stand out on his own. He is now in his new home where they understand that he will need help, training, a professional hand, and patience. His person fell in love with him, he is a fortunate boy. Please enjoy the video of him going to his new home!
Carol Coy We just adopted Hudson a Morgan gelding from the SPCA in Fresno and he is a great horse and the employees were fantastic, They helped us find the horse that was right for us. They were fantastic!!!!!

When love is not enough

Posted on: May 11th, 2012 by CCSPCA

Today we’d like to share with you a sad story about Emma. We hope this story can help other animals avoid neglect.

Every year our Humane Officers investigate hundreds of calls for animal cruelty and neglect. Most of the time all it takes is some simple educating of the owners, by the officers, to better the lives of the animals involved. Then there are those that know better and still choose to do the wrong thing. Whether it be out of financial hardship, reluctance to admit the truth to themselves, uncaring neglect, or flat out meanness.

Emma was brought in last December from the Clovis area along with 17 other horses. All were in very poor shape and had a multitude of problems, aside from being underfed, that needed to be addressed. Their feet were bad, several were starved while pregnant, cuts, scrapes, and lameness, amongst other issues. Most of the horses have sprung back from their individual issues and are returning to good health and finding new homes. Emma had not.

As Emma never received the proper care and handling that she should have from her owner, she was one of the more stand-offish and hard to handle horses in our care, which made her treatment sessions that much harder. She was the most picked-on by the other mares, probably because they sensed her un-soundness, and they didn’t allow her to even eat as much as she should have while she was with them. It was decided it would be in her best interest to separate her from the others to ensure she was getting proper nutrition along with treatment and one-on-one handling. Even though she started gaining much needed weight and settled down enough to allow some simple grooming and brushing by staff, she struggled during her much needed treatments. The added stress was not helping her situation.

As her condition worsened and her pain increased a decision had to be made. What is best for Emma? Really….what is best for her? Could she be adopted with this ailment? Could she even stand in a trailer long enough to get to a new home? Would the person that took her home truly understand all that she needs, and be willing to provide it? Would she ever completely recover? Or would she continue to live in pain throughout her life, however long that may be? The decision was heart wrenching and agonizing, but it was determined that it would be in Emma’s best interest to end her suffering.

The simple truth is animals die when they are not cared for properly. Bad situations don’t always end well. Animals don’t always survive, even after they are rescued from their persecutors. And love does not get them through blatant neglect.

If you choose to open your heart and home to a pet, then you also choose to provide for all of their needs. Make sure that you are making the right choice, not only for yourself, but for the pet that has only you to rely on for it’s care. Because, unfortunately, love is just not enough.

Name the Baby Colt

Posted on: April 25th, 2012 by CCSPCA

Name the colt CCSPCA
Today we start the “Name the Baby Colt” contest. For 2 weeks, from Wed April 25th to Wed May 9th, we will accept name submissions for the new male baby colt. Thank you to the entire community for your enthusiasm and joy with our new baby colt, this is our way of sharing his new life and our new beginnings with you. We have had a lot of community support for the horses and this first time event is possible because of that support, so now Rosie and baby are doing well. We will need the complete contact information for each loving submission including name of person submitting, address, email, phone number, and your name for the colt, you can submit your personal story if you like for your naming reasons too! Submissions can be shared 3 ways:

  1. email through the website to namethecolt@ccspca.com
  2. walk in, please place submission in the donation drop boxes at front desks 
  3. mail in attention: “name the colt” For all submission methods please make sure that you send all of your information too so that we can contact you back if you are the winner! Submissions and stories will be the property of the CCSPCA and we do reserve the right to post and feature any submission. Winner announced Friday May 11th. We will contact the winner and set up a time for you to come in and personally meet the colt and pose for photos!!

Winner receives Golden* Horseshoe Award and BRAGGING RIGHTS to naming the first born Colt at the CCSPCA



This handsome little boy is only 4 days old and we are asking people to wait for personal visits with the colt until he is a bit older and we have staff to assist you, we will continue to share photos and we are working on videos too. The excitement and compassion surrounding this precious boy will be remembered and live on through his special name and the connection we have all made because of him.
* (color not made of actual gold)
Read our previous post: It’s a Boy! http://bit.ly/JhR9Q0

Name Rosie's Colt


It’s A Boy, Baby Colt Born!

Posted on: April 21st, 2012 by CCSPCA

Baby Horse

It’s a Boy!

In a time of new beginnings….we welcome a new beginning.

On April 20, 2012 at approximately 10:00pm, we watched with baited breath as Rosie brought her new son into the world. Members of the staff rushed to her side from all over town to welcome him. Dr Katy Byrd was on hand, and after examining mother and baby, announced all appeared to be well. We could all finally breathe easy. He arrived safe and sound, and Rosie is doing just fine.

This is a first for the CCSPCA. We have never had an equine birth before. He couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. The beginning of a new season, a new direction…a new life. The future is bright indeed.

We would again like to thank all of those, that through their generous donations, assisted in bringing Rosie and the other horses in our care, back to good health. Without the support of the public, this would have been a much harder goal to achieve. The animals in our care, the staff, and volunteers appreciate your continued support during such trying times in this struggling economy.

To show our appreciation, we would like to ask you, our supporters, to name Rosie’s colt. We will be announcing the details of the “Name Rosie’s Colt” drawing on Monday…so be sure to check back. We will keep you all posted on his progress and will update his pictures regularly. We will also announce when it will be appropriate for mother and son to have visitors. For now….enjoy the photos of the new bouncing baby boy.

Dr with Baby Horse

Baby Horse and Mom

Happy Baby

Baby Horse

Last Friday’s phone lines were down due to copper thieves

Posted on: April 16th, 2012 by CCSPCA

If you had trouble getting through to the CCSPCA this past Friday and weekend the reason is that we were suffering from phone line loss due to thieves.

“Thieves stole the copper wire that is on Neilson ave, the same line that sends us a dial tone and PRI” reported to us along with our staff working diligently to return the phone lines to full capacity. We did have to wait for the phone company to do their part and we are grateful to them for dealing with this right away.

We do apologize for any frustration this may have caused, if you were unable to get through, you should be able to now. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unfortunate period.

CCSPCA phone lines down

Past Friday Copper Wire

Stolen Copper Wire

Roll out the Puppies to Roll out the Barrel – Fresno Wine Journey

Posted on: April 13th, 2012 by CCSPCA

ApCal Wine Journey

For another great year the CCSPCA is proud to be part of the Fresno County Wine Journey at ApCalRoll Out the Barrel Weekend! There will be a great selection of Fresno County wines on the shelves at ApCal, so if you can’t make it out to all the great wineries, stop by ApCal and taste them while visiting with our animal friends!

In addition to our wonderful animals, many of your favorite vendors will be on hand with great wine related gifts, jewelry, Bling clothing and much, much more. Wine will be poured from Bianchi winery, Bel-Air Bellini, and Ramos Torres Winery. There will be awesome BBQ available for purchase from Sadie Mae’s BBQ if you get hungry! So make plans to join us on April 14th-15th for the Fresno County Wine Journey.

Weather: The outlook is good! A light jacket or blanket might be a good idea.

Location & Map

Appellation California

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Foxtail Season

Posted on: April 9th, 2012 by Animal Hospital

Beware of Foxtails

Some see the end of the rainy season as bathing suit time, I see the beginning of Foxtail Season. The first foxtail—in an ear, nose, or eye, brings a sigh to all veterinarians and their staff. The dubious descriptions of, “shaking head,” “excessive sneezing,” “swollen paw,” or “squinty eye” brings a whole list of potential causes to mind, but one cause tops the list: a foreign body; a grass awn; a foxtail.

In vet school (Colorado State in my case), the dubious “grass awn” is occasionally mentioned in lists of medical diagnoses. I even heard a few stories of their power. Come to think of it, most of those stories were from friends from California. Until moving to the Central Valley, though, I had NO IDEA how pesky the pointy seeds of a pretty green grass could be!

Several species of grasses comprise this group of pesky weeds. According to my research, the one we most commonly fight here in California is Hordeum murinum. Several excellent references are available online regarding the plant and even its effects on dogs. As far as I am concerned, every dog that goes through a weedy area needs to be searched for the unwanted seedy passenger. The search must include folded areas, like under arms and between toes. The longer the animals’ hair, the more thoroughly they need to be combed. In yards with many foxtails, consider a short summer haircut to make the awns easier to see and more likely to fall off.

Don’t forget cats! Although their nostrils are smaller, they hunt in the weeds more than dogs. As excellent groomers, they can often get the foxtails out of their coats and paws, but their eyes, ears, and even vulvas can be a lodging place.

I have seen foxtails migrate from between toes up to the shoulder, from the vulva into the uterine horns, and from an eye out the side of the head! Deaths result from the awn entering the chest from under an arm or down the throat, to name just a few of many possible ways. The reason is that the seed has lots of rear-pointing hooks and a sharp front, so once it gets headed in a direction, it never goes back the other way. Consider how hard they are to remove from your socks!

Just because the animal stops tilting its head or sneezing does not mean the foxtail has come back out of its hiding place. In fact, this rarely happens because of the plant’s design, as previously mentioned. Rather, it just moves on past the most sensitive area, and the animal begins to adapt to the discomfort. Animals can do this much better than we can; that is, deal with discomfort! Just because they can adapt does not mean the owner should forget. Get the pet checked out before the foxtail moves on to somewhere more serious.



Bella being examined by CCSPCA Veterinarian

Posted on: March 31st, 2012 by CCSPCA

This is Bella, the horse. You may have seen her on Facebook, Craigslist and other social sharing sites represented as a horse in need of emergency care. This is not the case. We want everyone to know that she is alive, under veterinary care, and is being well cared for. Our investigators have worked on this case for three days and have confirmed that she is healthy and safe.

The recent photograph of Bella caused quite a stir and we would like to address it. Horses lay down to sleep and when photographed and shared, assumptions can be made that aren’t accurate or are out of context. Our officers have addressed this situation and all reporting parties have been contacted and updated on the true status of Bella.

We ask that everyone please be careful before spreading possibly misleading information as this takes precious resources away from animals that truly need our help.

Bella being examined by CCSPCA veterinarian

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