Rescue Found for Tempy – A Misunderstood Mastiff

Tempy-Misunderstood-MastiffTemperance (a.k.a. “Tempy”) a 1 year old, female, English Mastiff found herself at the CCSPCA due to unfortunate circumstances. Tempy lived in a home with many children, but one little 5 year old girl kept playing too rough around Tempy and scaring her. Even though the parents caught the behavior and tried to start teaching their daughter as well as training Tempy to play better with each other, Tempy started to have bad anxiety around the one child. After a bite incident when the child wasn’t listening to the dog’s warnings that she was uncomfortable, Tempy came to our animal center on July 15 to serve a bite quarantine and eventually find a new home.

While at our animal center, Tempy was very fearful and didn’t understand what was happening to her. She charged her kennel door and would barely let staff clean her kennel. After half a bag of treats and a good 20 minutes sitting with her, Tempy made friends with one of our staff members and was slowly able to start making friends with other staff members during the course of her stay.

Temperance left with Soft Paws Rescue and Rehabilitation at the end of July, where she is going into foster care with Sara Hellett and Kevin Wisham. Soft Paws already has some interested adopters waiting to see how she’s doing! We’re so happy this loving girl will get a fresh start!