City of San Joaquin Vaccination/Zeuterin Clinic

ccspca-ClinicThe CCSPCA and the City of San Joaquin teamed up to provide a vaccination and Zeuterin clinic on May 17.  It was quite a success!  The City of San Joaquin was delighted with the turnout and definitely wants to do this again.  We neutered 8 dogs with Zeuterin, implanted 22 with microchips, vaccinated over 200, and provided the additional services of deworming and flea/tick control.  The City of San Joaquin also subsidized half of the cost for a Zeuterin neuter if you were a San Joaquin resident!  In addition, they were also able to issue 130 licenses.

Our CCSPCA staff did a wonderful job of informing San Joaquin residents about the importance of spaying/neutering and the services we provide.  Several students from San Joaquin Valley College’s Veterinary Technology Program joined our medical team that day and did a tremendous job.  This kind of event provides them with very valuable hands-on, experience not attainable in the classroom.

We would like to thank the City of San Joaquin for hosting this clinic and allowing us to provide the much needed services to their residents. This is just the first step we are taking with the city to help them work towards ending their homeless pet population.  The development of a spay/neuter transport service is in works and will hopefully soon be implemented.

For additional information regarding the new Zeuterin sterilization process, please contact us at 559.233.7722 ext 107.

by Sasha Bell