10 Fun Things to do with Your Dog this Summer

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog This Summer Blog

The warmer weather is upon us, and you know that if you’re feeling the summer heat, then so is your dog. Don’t forget to take time out to treat your furry friend and plan some fun things to do with your dog this summer.

To help you out, we’ve provide you with 10 fun things to do with your dog!

Dip, Swim, Mist

The easiest summer activity for you and your dog will involve water. It’s a surefire way to keep you both cool in the sweltering heat. That could mean going to a local lake or a nearby river and letting them splash around while you do a little fishing. You can even take them out on a boat. Speeding around the lake provides a cool breeze, just make sure you have a life jacket for Fido.

If you’d like to stick around the house, consider purchasing a child’s wading pool for your dog to play, splash or lounge around in. (Pull up a chair and get your feet wet at the same time!) You can also turn on the sprinklers or get the hose and mist them down to cool them off. (And help your outdoor plants at the same time.)

Park Time

Spend the cooler mornings or later in the evening at the park with your dog. Summer activities for you and your dog could be some Frisbee play, going for a walk, tackling an obstacle course, or just romping in the dog park area with some of his friends. Just remember to bring plenty of water!

Head to the Ballpark

Both professional and semi-professional baseball teams offer several games per year where fans can bring their dogs. Make this summer pastime a ritual with your dog and head to a game, share a hot dog with your furry friend, meet up with other dog owners, and have some fun.


Yep, that’s right, dog yoga. This really ranks high on the list of fun things to do with your dog, just click the link below to discover why. Doga popularity is on the rise, and the benefits are myriad. Bond with your dog, stretch out those muscles and get a little zen. Doga classes are both held indoor in an air-conditioned venue (yay!) or at a park in the shade. You can even download a video and do it at home. Have fun and Namaste.

Go for a Ride

Your vehicle of choice can be a car or a bicycle. Convertibles can be a fun experience for your pet, but cruising down the road with all windows down can be almost as entertaining. If you want a summer activity for you and your dog that involved a bit more effort and exercise, hop on a bike. Smaller dogs can enjoy the scenery from a basket, or you can attach a bike trailer, where they can sit in comfort and shade.

Take a Road Trip…to the Beach

If driving around your local area isn’t appealing, think about taking your dog on a road trip. Pack up that air-conditioned car, put some music on the radio, and head west to the ocean. Not only will the temperatures be cooler, but both of you can romp in the sand and surf. A cooling proposition.

Take a Road Trip… Camping

If the beach isn’t your thing, plan a camping trip with your dog. Trek up into higher elevations where the weather is cooler, huge trees shade camping spots, and you can be one with nature. Plan to go on a hike or two (your dog can even wear a pack to carry his water and snacks) or hang out at the lake or river.

Head to the Ice Cream Store

Who doesn’t like an ice cold treat on a blistering hot day? Most dogs are happy to have a frozen treat, and it’s a good way to help them stay cool. While not all dogs can tolerate dairy products, if you’ve got one that loves ice cream, there’s no reason not to take him to the local drive in or ice cream shop and purchase him a cone or a cup. For those dogs that do have a dairy intolerance, treat them to a frozen non-dairy treat.

Frozen dog treats are available at most supermarkets. You can also make your own frozen dog treats or reach into the freezer and give your dog a Popsicle!

Catch a Movie

While your dog isn’t allowed at the indoor theaters, a perfect evening summer activity for you and your dog is the drive-in. Hang out, relax, bring a few treats and settle in to enjoy a movie.

Provide a Community Service

Summertime is a good season to give back to the community. Arrange regular visits to a senior center or assisted living facility. The summer heat keeps elderly residents cooped up indoors, but you and your dog will enjoy both the air-con and all of the loves and snuggles that the residents have to offer. And it is a feel-good summer activity for you and your dog.

Remember, the hot weather can be just as harmful to dogs as it is for people, so plan some fun things to do with your dog to help beat the heat. And be sure to see your veterinarian if you think that your canine companion is suffering any ill effects from the scorching temperatures