Rescue at Sands Motel

CCSPCA Humane Rescue

Our dispatch sent an investigation Humane Officer out to respond to a complaint from a neighbor. Although the suspect was caught in the act of animal abuse by our Officer, she was not immediately arrested by the attending Fresno PD. However, we do hope for an arrest in this situation, as our Humane Officer continues to build a strong case that will be given to the Fresno Police Department for processing by the District Attorney.

There were 5 puppies and 3 dogs that were rescued and brought to the Central California SPCA George Whittell Animal Hospital for treatment. One of the puppies had suffered the abuse of the suspect’s homemade tracheotomy. The puppy received immediate care and his open wounds were stapled closed. The mother dog and her puppies had also suffered heat exhaustion from the house that they were in. We remain hopeful but guarded with their prognosis. Sadly, two of the puppies didn’t make it through the night. But the mom and her remaining pups, including the puppy with the open wound, are still doing well.

One of the pups, a young Jack Russell Terrier, suffered with a broken back. We believe she may have received this injury from being hit by a car, well over a month ago. She was paralyzed mid-back, therefore, forced to drag her back legs and she is unable to function normally. This caused many drag wounds and burns. After taking x-rays it was determined, that in the best interest of the dog, she should be euthanized so she wouldn’t suffer any longer.

All the surviving animals from this horrific situation remain in the compassionate care of our hospital staff. We have high hopes that these animals will recover, have a chance to be adopted, and live the happy and healthy life that they deserve.

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